5 things you need to keep in mind before starting a digital marketing firm – From an entrepreneur’s experience

5 things you need to keep in mind before starting a digital marketing firm - PriVi - Digital Marketing Agency Mumbai

Priya Thakkar

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October 10, 2022


Starting from the last few years of past, starting your business, especially advertising and marketing business was a very much tough task. The advertising platforms were limited to billboards, radio, and television! So, starting your own marketing business is not just hard but not affordable also!

But with rising the digital marketing scenario, starting your own business is not that much difficult compared to the past if you have the necessary skill and an Entrepreneurial mindset!

With this article, I will share my very personal thoughts and tips on how you also can start your digital marketing business.

1. Invest in your personal learning growth

Being confident is good, but being over-confident that overnight, you can start your own agency is not a good thing. Working for someone else and handling your own agency is two different things and for this, one should have a lot of new skill sets to improve such as finance, handling more than one client simultaneously, sales, marketing for self, etc. So, before jumping to start your own business, invest yourself and your money in improving your skills in some new aspects.

2. Make your online presence

Well, when you are thinking to open an agency that can provide online marketing services, be sure to make your own strong online marketing presence first. Be a follower of your niche, get in touch with prospects, offer some unpaid help to someone who really needs the service, comment on some interesting profiles, and make some good content for your own profile. This will eventually help you to learn better about people, some profiles, do’s and don’ts of social media profiles, etc.

3. Be a freelancer

After you complete your second step, I personally insist on going for some freelancing work. This really helped me to build my portfolio to showcase finally on my agency website. When you become a freelancer (in my case, I started as a part-time freelancer for a year and then full-time for another year) you get some good clientele, you understand the work-life balance scenario and the importance of the deadline to submit your work also. Moreover, it will help you to manage your finances also!

4. Build a business model

Before jumping to starting a firm, make sure you have everything worked on such as your sales pitch, your business model, etc. Building a business model for any start-up is a very big step as you have to figure out how much you charge from a client, which eventually gives you brainstorming points about how much working hours you are putting in, how much you will pay to your employees or any freelancer you are hiring on a commissions base etc.

5. Find your niche first and then decide how to go ahead

First of all, do not offer all the digital marketing services at once, find your niche such as if you are an expert in Instagram marketing, focus on that service first and then make your way up the ladder to go upwards. If you try to give all the services at once, you need to focus on a lot more steps than you think. You need to hire more staff, focus on your business strategy, financial planning, so many deadlines, and trust me, I have been there, that is not an easy task as till this time you are on the other side of the company where you get the salaries, now you are on the other side, where you have to arrange salaries for the staff as well as you have to manage other finances also!

Final words:

As I am mentioning throughout the article, this whole blog post is based on my personal experience and I have seen the pros and cons of each step mentioned here. This article I have written this because I feel that what I have learned from my mistakes, I should guide others too. I completely agree that having your own business is fascinating and sounds exciting but before jumping to any conclusion, ask yourself first, are you dedicated and passionate enough to handle all the financial, and emotional turbulence or not? If no, then as I mentioned in my first point, invest in your personal growth and give yourself some more time. But if the answer is yes, then Best of luck with your entrepreneurial journey! It really is exciting and fascinating!!!

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Good luck with your chosen path!

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