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Priya Thakkar - Owner of PriVi - To build and behold - Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai India
How PriVi was found?

Priya Thakkar (Founder)

With interest in the workings of the internet, she embraced the digital world. A background in computer science helped her understand the nitty-gritty of the digital world and how to implement them. Furthermore, her foray in R&D of the digital and social media helped her connect the dots and become a Social Media Manager at Ethicare Remedies.

Priya Thakkar's Story

A Journey from Social Media Manager to the owner of a Digital Marketing Organization


Priya's passion for digital marketing made her pursue a position as social media marketing manager for Ethicare Remedies, a pharmaceutical company in Rajkot, India.


A year later, Priya married Vishal, her partner in business and life and moved to thane. Priya, an entrepreneur at heart, took the move in stride and immediately started her role as a digital marketing expert with a leading firm in thane.


After gaining corporate exposure, Priya decided to strike out on her own as a freelancer helping small businesses grow with the help of digital marketing.


Priya's success in helping small businesses achieve their potential drove her to build her own digital marketing firm dedicated to assisting such businesses.


When Covid-19 hit the world, businesses everywhere were affected. Priya's pride, Privi, also suffered a few setbacks. It made Priya pause and take notice of the affected businesses. This reinforced the decision to help small businesses triumph through digital marketing.


A year later, Priya had to juggle her passion for work with the tribulations of motherhood. Despite the struggle, she decided to take on additional responsibilities, such as improving her skills by taking courses and building strong business connections to help businesses grow and thrive.


Our organization emerged from the necessity of a results-driven digital marketing company. We focus on Digital Marketing Strategies to help companies build successful businesses. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their dreams by helping their companies reach their full potential.


We have experienced that as a startup there are a lot of difficulties for entrepreneurs and creators to survive in a digital world. Thus, we intend to give the best digital marketing services to all small businesses, and individual creators to get the best of the practices to whom they can trust for their individual brand.

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It is much appreciated if you would give us your feedback. Thank you in advance for posting it and make us strong to help small businesses.

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