SEO Checklist for Website Redesigning

SEO Checklist for Website Redesigning - PriVi - Digital Marketing Agency

Priya Thakkar

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January 17, 2023

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Well, as everyone knows that we just relaunched our website a few weeks back, and we are getting positive feedback from our clients and friends that it is a better version and everything!

While we were working on revamping our website, we faced quite a few challenges and we somehow overcome that and got a good end result. Here I wanted to share some useful tips on what one should think or take care of while re-designing or revamping the website, especially for SEO purposes!

  1. The purpose

While thinking about redesigning your website, the first thing you should think about is why you want to do so. Because, till this time you are having very good traffic, and your sales are also good then what’s the purpose of revamping your website?

In our case, we wanted to expand our horizon to help small businesses give valuable services. So revamping a website was a basic idea to serve the community and it turns out pretty good!

In case of this, you need to figure out what’s already working for you and what’s not because that’s what matters in the last the opportunities you can get from your website and the weaknesses you need to overcome from the new ones. 

  1. Content Architecture

According to a survey, over 60% of people leave website, if the website has poor navigation.

On the first visit to a website, people generally go through the links and the flow just to check out where they are been taken from an ad or a social media page, or even on a direct search.

So, when you are revamping your website, if is necessary to arrange a good navigation and information architecture in a way that the visitor loves to stick to your website from one link to another. 

So, what can you do to improve the structure of your website?

  1. Create a map of your website.
  2. Write down the categories or menus on a note or post-its.
  3. Write down sub-categories, and sub-headings of the data also.
  4. Write down URL links with the sub-headings also.
  5. Create a new sitemap with the new flow of information.

3. Don’t forget about Site Speed

The one major thing, need to keep in mind is improving the site speed while redesigning your website. Page speed is not just about a user experience but it is considered one of the major ranking factors also. 

What can you do to improve your site speed?

One of the main reason for revamping our website was this factor only, and after analyzing everything on our old website, we have seen the images we uploaded consumes more time while loading the website. So, we used compressed images 

4. XML SiteMap

Once your website is live again, do not forget to generate a new XML Sitemap and submit it to Google and Yahoo. 

5. Test, Test, and Test!!!

Once your website is live, test everything twice before spreading out work to your audience.

Revamping a website is a huge step and everything doesn’t go as per the plan. This is the hard truth we realized once we relaunched our website.

We have actually suffered so many minor issues after we launched our website such as some of the CTAs not working properly or even the subscription to the mailing box was missing on one of the pages and etc. So, check out some of the basic stuff twice such as CTAs, navigation links, all the pop-ups, and the links on the pop-up button if you have an e-commerce website then keep an eye on every purchase page and the payment page also.

I hope this blog helps you to understand the basics of the SEO checklist for your re-launched website. 

Do let us know your thoughts on this topic in below comment section.

Priya Thakkar

Priya Thakkar

She is a Founder of the company, and aimed to help small business or startups to achieve their goals and results with the help of digital marketing.
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