4 Steps To Build An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

4 Steps To Build An Effective Content Marketing Strategy - PriVi -Digital Marketing Agency Mumbai

Apurva Chodnekar

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September 13, 2022


Let’s play a game. You have to identify the brand name for the tagline:  Utterly Butterly delicious. 

 Yes, you have guessed it right. The catchy tagline has been around for ages and has become a signature advertisement for Amul edible products. A content tagline may be a small part of content creation, but it can help enrich your content marketing strategy, helping you create content that resonates with your audience. 

So, let’s focus on building content marketing strategies with examples. We have shared an example to ensure you understand how these steps work.  

  1. Determine the objective: 

Creating content for the sake of it doesn’t always generate the results you expect. This is why you need a streamlined process to build a content marketing plan, and the first step is to identify and determine the objective or goal of your content marketing plan.  

Like most marketing plans, the content marketing plan also needs to have SMART goals.  

smart goals - Privi - Content marketing strategy


For example, let’s consider building a content marketing plan for a pet shop in Mumbai, Daisy’s Pet Shop.  

Daisy has recently opened a new pet store. She also has a brand new website to go along with it. However, other than a few of her neighbours and relatives, no one knows about the shop.  In some cases like these, it is clear to identify the objective. She wants more people to visit her website and build a loyal customer base who’ll visit her shop regularly. Her goals are specific, measurable, attainable, and time-bound.  

Her marketing team will have to build a content marketing plan to make that happen. When it comes to achieving long-term results, SEO blends in masterfully with content marketing.  

  1. Research and define the target audience.

Once you have settled on the objective, it is time to define your target audience. Your target audience includes people who want to procure your products and services. To identify your target audience, you have to perform research.  

Ways to identify Target Audience: 

  • Analyse your existing customers or clients.  
  • Conduct client and customer interviews 
  • Conduct competitor research and learn from them 
  • Build a buyer persona 

 One of the best ways to define a target audience is to build a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a placeholder for your ideal customer.  

 For example, let’s assume that Daisy’s pet shop has at least two loyal customers, Suleha and Neeraj.  

Suleha’s buyer persona: Suleha is a 50-year-old woman who lives in Bandra and has two children who love dogs. All her life Suleha has been very fond of dogs. In her lifetime, she has owned at least five dogs.  

Neeraj’s buyer persona: Neeraj is a cheerful man in his 20s who lives in Khar. He has already bought a dog from Daisy’s pet shop and frequently purchases dog food from Daisy’s.  

Suleha and Neeraj are dog lovers. However, they live in different localities, belong to different age groups, and have different objectives for visiting Daisy’s shop.  

Refer to Algorithm Global’s Buyer Persona guide to define a buyer’s persona, which will help you identify your target audience.  

Buyer Persona - PriVi - Content Marketing Strategy

These first two steps are very crucial in making an effective content marketing plan that powers your entire strategy. From now, we’ll focus on steps that are required to refine the content marketing plan.  

  1. Perform Content Audit:

To build a content marketing strategy geared towards conversion, you have to run an audit of your website. It can help you analyze the published content and identify your high-performing and low-performing website content.  

With the help of this data, refer to can take actionable steps to improve your website’s low-performing content. Refer to Hubspot’s Content Audit Checklist on how to run a website content audit.  

 Website Content Audit CheckList - PriVi

  1. Determine the right content marketing strategy:

Once you have improved the existing content, you can work on building a content marketing strategy for new content. Or you can build a content marketing strategy to encompass both new and existing content.  

Learn about the different types of content marketing strategies and find the ones that align the best with your business goals. Work along with your marketing team to brainstorm content ideas that could boost your website’s visibility. While picking the right content marketing strategy or tactic, you have to consider the type of content you want to publish.  

Most content marketers focus on Blogs, Case Studies, eBooks, Videos and Infographics. You can also explore other content types by following Hubpsots’s guide for the same. 

Once you have settled on the type of content you intend on publishing, you can work on implementing the content marketing strategies we have seen so far. Here are a few additional strategies to enrich your marketing plan: 

  • Create content that reflects your business’s core value 
  • Tactful use of advertisement to influence your people. 
  • Don’t overlook local SEO. It helps attract local customers. 

For more such strategies, refer to Niel Patel’s Content Marketing Tactics.  


Once you have narrowed down the strategies and types of content you intend to create, all that’s left to do is implement the strategy. You can use content management platforms to publish and manage your content.  To measure the data and results of your content strategy, you can use free tools such as Google search console and Google Analytics.  

Apurva Chodnekar

Apurva Chodnekar

She is a dedicated and hard working woman, working as a Content Writer since last 7 years. She is one of our trusted writer for all the in-house projects as well as client’s projects too.
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