5 Rules of Social Media Automation

5 Rules Of Social Media Automation - PriVi - Digital Marketing Agency Mumbai

Priya Thakkar

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August 26, 2020


Before we know the rules of Social media automation, we should know what is social media automation. 

What is Social Media Automation? 

Social Media Automation is the process in which you use the automation tools to schedule or curate your content well in advance so you can use your time wisely in growing your audience and engaging with them also! 

Well, as said above, social media automation is good to have because you are always prepared in your content and strategy. But before using automation strategy there are some rules for this also. Because without them, automation won’t help your content marketing strategy. 

  1. Be Consistent but now Robotic 

When you automate your content, remember people do remember, people do scroll down and check previous posts also (not everytime, but sometime). So, when you automate, be consistent with you posting schedule. Use your evergreen content but with some different comments and different context. 

  1. Schedule posts at the right time 

If you are using automation for your online marketing, make sure you post when maximum of your target audience is online. And for each platform, it can be a different day/time.  So, Day and time is important point to keep in mind when you use automation tool. 

  1. 5-3-2 Rule

Well, automation strategy is useful when you use it properly. So, when you use automation tools, you should remember 5-3-2 rule for that. From 10 of the posts, you can post 5 post as curated content, 3 posts of your original content and 2 of your personal, humorous content. 

  1. Don’t schedule too far ahead 

Well, automation doesn’t mean you post for too long. Your schedule should be empty for any current events happens.  When someone scrolls down your feed, it should be feel like a human is interacting not a machine which only posts about something which is not relatable. 

  1. Engage with your Audience 

When you use automation tools, don’t just use to post about your brand. Use it wisely. Use it broadly. Use it for engaging your customers through your feed. It will be good for the brand also. 


I hope these rules has given you understanding of importance of automation with engagement. Because they both are inter-connected with each other. If you use automation, you have more time to engage with your audience and if you more engage with your audience, you will get more time to know your audience to generate more quality content.  

Remember, you should use the power, but you have to be human!!!

If you are having any doubts about social media marketing service, you can feel free to contact us. 

Priya Thakkar

Priya Thakkar

She is a Founder of the company, and aimed to help small business or startups to achieve their goals and results with the help of digital marketing.
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