5 Social Media Management Tools For Beginners

5 Social Media Management Tools For Beginners - PriVi - Digital Marketing Agency Mumbai

Priya Thakkar

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September 14, 2020

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Well, as we discussed in our previous blog, social media marketing is one of the necessary things to do for the brands in this time. And to handle social media platforms effectively, we recommended to use automation technique and, in this blog, we will discuss about some amazing automation tools which will lower your burden. 

  1. Hootsuite 

Our one of the most loveable and handy tool is this. We just love this tool for our brand as well as our clients also. 

Hootsuite is basically use to schedule the posts and gives you real time notifications also when your company was mentioned also. 

The main thing here, if you are a start-up, Hootsuite has free version which can allow only three platforms to schedule the posts. 

  1. SEMrush 

SEMrush is a content, social media tools and SEO! 

If you want to make strong content then you should use this tool. 

And this tool is helpful for effective reporting and analysis of the website also. 

The amazing thing about this tool is you can set different time for each social media platform for the scheduling. 

  1. Buzzsumo 

Well, Buzzsumo is the tool you can use effectively is you have better understanding if social media markeitng insights and your social media presence. 

This tool will be useful to develop powerful marketing strategies by identifying trends, keywords, and influencers. 

This tool is basically a research tool where you can research about the content according to your brand keywords or sentences. 

In it’s free version, you have limited data access, but we insist, you get used to the tool and check how much you can get value from this tool and then go for the paid version. 

  1. Buffer 

Well, this is one of the most loveable social media automation tool in this time.  

This tool has a very good user-friendly interface to schedule the posts on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. 

This tool is useful for Story planner and hashtag planner feature, which allows you to create stories with ease and use valueable hashtags in your posts. 

  1. Tailwind 

This is the perfect marketing tool specially for Instagram and Pinterest. 

This tool will help you to build, replicate and schedule your pins/posts easily. This tool offers you the advertising ideas as well.  

One of the cool features of the tool is creating the visuals within the API only and then to schedule.  


We hope above mentioned tools will be helpful for you to get rid of some boring and daily tasks of social media management. And finally you can focus on getting new business and creating new content for the brand. 

If you have still confusion about your marketing queries, feel free to contact us. 

Priya Thakkar

Priya Thakkar

She is a Founder of the company, and aimed to help small business or startups to achieve their goals and results with the help of digital marketing.
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