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Basics Of Social Media – Every Social Media Manager Should Know

Whether you are a newbie in this business or a seasoned social media manager, you are going to live a hectic life by performing multiple tasks at the same time. It is overwhelming to manage the brand’s social presence as you need to continuously work on finding new opportunities while taking care of multiple social media accounts, interacting with the target audience, and all of it under a time constraint.  

And this calls for a solid social media management plan to complete all the tasks on time and deliver results. So, let’s start with knowing the  

  • What are the basics of social media management? 
  • What are the tasks of a social media manager? 
  • Social media marketing fundamentals – Daily Checklist. 

What are the basics of social media management? 

Social media management is the process where you begin with evaluating the target audiences, developing strategies meeting their requirements, creating favorable content and distributing it on various social media profiles, teaming up with influencers, participating in all the relevant social media conversations, keeping track of all the small details, reporting on social media performance and ROI.  

If you are confused about, how are you going to optimize the social media management process, we are here to help you out with this. Let’s begin with brushing up on your basics of social media marketing fundamentals from scratch. 

  1. Conduct a Social Media Health Check 
  • To start with, list all your company’s social media profiles including all the sub-brands and regions. 
  • Select the best social media analytics tool to keep a track of all performance metrics. Review engagement rate per month, growth of the followers, analyze the frequency of publishing content, check for the most engaging content format, top-performing posts, from which source you are getting more traffic, rate of the query responses, average response time, demographics, and behaviors.  
  • Prepare an audit template as per your convenience and input all the data in it for future considerations.  
  • Now you have complete data in front of you for an easy social media audit. Find out the areas that need more attention and improvement and prepare strategies to fix them. 
 Download Free Social Media Audit Template
Download Free Social Media Audit Template Here.

      2. Pick up the Right Social Media Platform  

It is a very crucial step for every social media campaign to identify the right platform for marketing a client’s products and services. A social media audit will help you in identifying which profile is not working well for your brand and services. Find out the loopholes and prepare strategies to put them on the right track. 

    3. Analyzing Audience Persona 

A lot depends on identifying the requirement of the audiences and where they stand. It is important to analyze your follower’s demands, maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship with them, create the content they are interested in, and boost your social media conversations. For example, if you are a sports brand and you can see a group of teens are interested in your product on Facebook, choose that platform and create the content smartly.  

What are the tasks of a social media manager? 

An efficient social media manager works on four pillars – sharing, engaging, monitoring, and swotting & optimizing. 

  • Sharing: To engage with the audience, it is important to feed them with relevant and interesting content on your social media profile regularly.   
  • Engaging: Interact with them by organizing contests, polls, etc. on the profile. Reply to their DMs and actively respond to their queries. It helps in building brand constancy. 
  • Monitoring: A manager needs to monitor mentions of your brand and how it is perceived online.  
  • Swotting and Optimizing: Every social media strategy must include a regular health check-up for the performance and the area needs to be optimized for better results. 

Social media marketing fundamentals – Daily Checklist. 

On the daily basis, keep working on the above-mentioned four pillars for the results. Once you identified the pattern, you can repeat it in your every month strategy. Make your daily checklist as: 

  1. Content Sharing 

Social media is all about reaching the right audience by sharing the right content on the profiles and attracting them to your brand and services. You need to understand how often you need to post the content on your social media profile and what kind of for engaging more audiences.  

    2. Timely Reply on Comments and DMs 

It is important to engage with the audience by replying to their comments and DMs on time. If you are not getting enough comments on your profile, start a conversation of your own and ask people to join it.  

    3. Monitor Brand Mentions and Industry-Related Content 

For every online business, it is important to keep track of how it is being perceived and what are the discussions going on about it. Check for your brand’s mentions and hashtags. Put an alert whenever your brand is tagged by others on their social media profile.  

    4. Keep Track of Trends 0and Buzz 

Always be active on social media and keep track of the latest trend. Weekly trends are updated and you need to be highly active in posting your buzzy content following the trend.  

Managing social media is a challenging task. If you need any professional help regarding your social media marketing strategy, check out our services.

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