5 Video Marketing Challenges In 2022

5 Video Marketing Challenges In 2022 - PriVi - Digital Marketing Agency Mumbai

Priya Thakkar

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August 22, 2022


In today’s time, wherever you read about marketing strategy or how to increase website or social media engagement, the one thing is common which is Videos Videos Videos!!!

Yes, videos are great to get more engagement and increase brand visibility, awareness, and everything.

But there are so many other factors that can challenge your video marketing campaigns.

The challenges for video marketing are given below, I suggest you read the article fully and plan accordingly to get the full benefits of videos!!!

  1. What will be the content for the videos?

A survey suggests that almost 32% of marketers struggle to get the content ideas for their social media content calendar!

Well, yes to get a good result, you must have ideas or knowledge about what type of videos you want to make.

So, if you are one of those who is struggling to get ideas for your video content, you can choose from the below topics:

  1. Showcase your products or services
  2. Showcase BTS videos which can give an idea to your followers of the hard work behind your work
  3. Showcase your ideas and values for the brand, which we show how trustworthy your brand can be
  4. Showcase your stand on anything trending or news-related thing that happens locally!


  1. Not enough time to make video content

Marketers are so busy creating a different type of content for different platforms that they generally don’t have enough time to create video content as a single video has so many stages like pre-production, casting, script writing, and so on.

So, having so many tasks, there is always a problem of managing time for the video and for that one should have a proper strategy and a specific goal!

  1. An effective video strategy is quite a difficult task

Making a video is a task and having a proper strategy for a specific task and the strategy part here is difficult because same as other roles of marketing strategy, for video content also you need to analyze your target audience, your objective, your distribution channel, your call-to-action, and everything. So, when it comes to making a proper strategy for a single video, a marketer should focus on everything to get the best out of it!

  1. SEO for Video

SEO, again!!! Yes, if you are a marketer then this SEO won’t let your side ever!

It is not easy that you have created a video keeping every point in mind you uploaded it on your channel and you will get the result… NO!!!

For videos also you need to work on SEO which includes keyword research, include those keywords in your title, and write proper compelling descriptions not only for people but for search engines too!

  1. Not measuring and analyzing the content 

The one thing which harms any marketing technique is you don’t analyze and measure how your content went!

If you don’t measure your success or failure then you won’t improve next time.

Keep practicing your video content, try different methods, try different target audiences and keywords, and everything to get a better idea of what kind of content went well and what not!

Read here the basics of social media marketing, which can help you to build your next marketing strategy effectively!


It is clearly shown in the last two years that videos are the form of marketing that is getting more eyeballs from the audiences and it gives big results in getting engagement, considering any products or service and even buying also!

So, using videos in your marketing strategy is good to consider but without any strategy or planning, it will be a total fiasco.

If you need any guidance or help for making an effective social media marketing strategy, feel free to contact us, our experts will give your professional and effective strategic planning!

Priya Thakkar

Priya Thakkar

She is a Founder of the company, and aimed to help small business or startups to achieve their goals and results with the help of digital marketing.
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