What is the Google Webmaster Tool and why is it useful?

What Is The Google Webmaster Tool And Why Is It Useful? - PriVi - Digital Marketing Agency

Swati Sharma

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January 3, 2023

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As the name implies, webmaster tools are a collection of tools for webmasters. The visibility of this toolkit is crucial because of the various ways it communicates with Google and appears on your website. A webmaster must correctly maintain the websites, monitor their search engine rankings, and gain access to all the necessary data and information. It keeps track of the site’s

external and internal links, changes crawl rates, examines the search terms visitors use to find the site, and also examines the click-through rates for each keyword.

The biggest issue in this is that of security. Because Google has complete access to the site's details, the issue is how it handles this information. Google Webmaster Tools is a great option for security or better results. When the location for the webpage is confirmed and the Google code is received, it means that GWT can be taken advantage of. The first dashboard appears as soon as you log in to Webmaster Tools, where there is a list of many tools that

are used daily.

Below, we will discuss some of the beneficial features of the platform.

1. Monitoring of website performance: 

When a website link is clicked various times through Google search results, it doesn’t just measure the impact of the page title or its description; it also indicates how much traffic the link is getting constantly. How many times has your website popped up in Google search results, and what is the ranking of keywords that can be found from the impression metric? It helps to know which page of the site is ranking for the specific keywords so that it can help in future strategy-making.

2. Average CTR or position: 

GWT shows the percentage of people who clicked through to the website. Through this, the queries with the highest or lowest CTR can be identified and monitored as well. Apart from this, it can be found out from the average position in which the particular keyword or page is ranking on the Google search engine result page.

3. Crawl errors: 

GWT tells you how many pages of a website have been indexed by Google since the last site crawl. The most important thing is that whatever errors and warnings are there, it highlights them and gives information for analysis. 

4. Sitemaps: 

Submitting a sitemap for a website improves the crawl ability of the site or prevents errors. This is a very important tool for big websites that are taking advantage of Google indexing.

5. URL inspection:

This tool allows a review of exact URLs and also helps in comparing live URLs with URLs present in the Google index. It also displays errors by checking the last date the page was crawled.

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6. Tracking of links:

 With this important tool, you can not only find out about the backlinks of the website, but you can also find out about the domain that is linking to you. The internal link section is a virtuous way to evaluate the structure of the website.

7. Security:

If a webpage does not follow the guidelines, an email is sent in the form of a GWT notification. Any spam or acquisition of links is punished by Google. Apart from this, security issues can be tracked with this tool.

After considering the functions and importance of the Google Webmaster Tools, the website can be optimized, and its ranking can also be increased. It can be used for inclusive analysis and an overview of the strength of the website. Add your website for its regular health check-up and keep track of its performance using the tool.

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Swati Sharma

Swati Sharma

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